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We had the same experience with this fraudulent, disreputable company. The processer they sent didn't work with our phone line (according to them), we were told to use the phone system to process transactions, Touchtone. We did this for months, processing 10-20 sales at the end of a day. We had sales codes for each one, and we assumed they went through. Months later we discovered some transactions didn't actually process. But there was no way of knowing when it happened, we went through each daily report and compared to our daily notes and found that we had lost thousands of dollars through this error in their system.

Not only did they make no attempt to resolve, fix or explain it (they said, call Touchtone, but Touchtone literally had no # or customer service), but then they wouldn't let us cancel. they could not provide the service they were supposed to provide, but they told us we had to pay for it for 3 years. Finally someone agreed to let us cancel for $250, we had to notify in writing. Of course they "never got the letter, never got the fax" or it had to be faxed somewhere else. It became obvious they were not going to let us cancel. I closed my bank account and not it is being disputed in collections, it was the only way to get a response.

In years of business, this is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. They are either a total scam or just have no management or ability to resolve issues. Spend more to process with a real bank!

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